Just 408 days into his presidency, Trump spends his 100th day on a Trump golf course

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@thinkprogress—Almost fourteen months into his presidency, Donald Trump has reached a dubious milestone that none before him have achieved: He’s spent his 100th day at a golf club bearing his own name. Considering he’s only been in office for 408 days, that means he’s spent almost 25 percent of his time at a Trump-branded golf […]

Donald Trump Has Spent Nearly a Quarter of His Days as President at His Golf Courses. The National Rifle Association is pissed, the White House’s battle-tested communications staff is reeling, and hundreds of thousands of young immigrants are worried about how their lives will change on Monday. But Donald Trump keeps on golfing! With his appearance Saturday at his Palm Beach County, Florida, golf course, the president hit a new milestone: 100 […]