The British Government Has Finally Agreed A Brexit Plan. Here's Everything You Need To Know

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BuzzFeed—Theresa May has succeeded in getting her feuding cabinet ministers to sign up to a softer Brexit plan. But will hardline Tory MPs back it, and what are the chances of the EU agreeing it? View Entire Post ›

Theresa May's government has finally agreed a plan for Brexit — but the EU may still reject it. Theresa May's government agreed Friday on a proposal for the UK's relationship with the EU after Brexit. The UK would follow EU rules on goods to ensure "frictionless" trade, and EU courts would have some oversight on certain subjects. But experts have already questioned whether the EU will accept the proposal. Theresa May's government has, at very long last, agreed upon a comprehensive plan for Brexit. After a crunch cabinet summit at Chequers in the English countryside, the British...