Virtual truth: face to face with immersive documentaries

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the Guardian—Experience life after a horrific accident, play a customs officer or swim with sea otters. A new breed of VR film-making is making viewers engage in a deeper way with the issues they confront Sitting on a stool opposite me is Ayesha, a young American I’ve been asked to interrogate about her recent trip to Pakistan. “Did you visit any areas controlled by the Taliban?” I ask. “No, I did not,” she responds. Ayesha is a hologram, and I’m “playing” a US customs officer in an augmented reality...

U.S. agency's virtual currency oversight faces court challenge. BOSTON (Reuters) - An obscure virtual currency called My Big Coin is now at the center of a closely watched case that could determine whether the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission has the authority to combat fraud associated with cryptocurrencies.