March Madness 2018: Sleeper Picks with Bracket-Busting Potential

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Bleacher Report—There's no such thing as a safe March Madness bracket. While some overzealous daredevils will gamble on a No. 16 seed shocking the world, other tepid participants will err too cautiously and pick every favorite. The best brackets will find a middle ground. It may seem prudent to avoid peril at all costs, but the men's NCAA tournament never unfolds according to plan. Picking LIU Brooklyn to make the Sweet 16 is reckless. Opting for a No. 11 seed with at least one standout strength, however, makes...

March Madness 2018 according to Clark Kellogg, including sleeper picks for your bracket. CBS Sports' lead analyst likes Texas A&M, Michigan and New Mexico State, among others