Locate modern addresses on Earth 240 million years ago

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kottke.org—Ian Webster built a tool to plot modern addresses on a map of the Earth from up to 750 million years ago. Just input an address and it’ll find where that spot of land was on the Earth at a given time. The tool defaults to a view from 240 million years ago, smack in the middle of the Pangaea supercontinent era, but you can select views from 750 million years ago right up to the present. Webster explained a bit about the project on Hacker News: I built this by adapting GPlates...

You Can Now Search For Addresses Across 750 Million Years Of Earth's History. My location in Oakville, Ontario (just outside of Toronto) as seen 260 million years ago. Image. Ancient Earth/Ian Webster Ever looked at a picture of the supercontinent Pangea and wondered where your current address would have been 250 million years ago? A new interactive map provides this very service, allowing you to see modern locations across 750 million years of our planet's history. More