How gay comedy Love, Simon breaks boundaries by playing it safe

the Guardian -

the Guardian—There’s something surprisingly subversive about the glossy crowd-pleasing commercialism of a teen movie with a coming out narrative At three separate points in my screening of Love, Simon, a sizeable portion of the audience united in a collective “awwwww” – a satisfied, soft-hearted sigh, as if we had gathered for a big-screen showing of a YouTube cat video montage rather than a movie. I may have involuntarily joined in a couple of times: an unabashedly contrived story of a sweet,...

Love, Simon? Don’t Love, Simon?: A Debate on the Little Gay Movie That Could. Love, Simon, the first major studio film to receive a wide release while centering on a gay teen coming out and navigating romance, is already polarizing queer audiences. While some — including most critics — are swept away by what they see as a John Hughes-ian coming-of-age romantic comedy-drama, others ... More