This Cherry Blossom Porcelain [email protected] Might be Medicom Toy’s Most Beautiful Yet

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Highsnobiety—Designed and produced by Japan’s Medicom Toy, [email protected] are some of the most collectible and sought-after toys around. And while the bulk of the toys are constructed using plastic or vinyl, this cherry blossom porcelain model is a sight to behold. This 400% Kutani Sakura [email protected] is made with Kutani-yaki — a style of Japanese porcelain […]

Medicom Toy Honors Jackson Pollock With Second [email protected] 1000% Collectible. American painter Jackson Pollock has been honored for a second time with a [email protected] 1000% collectible by Japanese brand Medicom Toy. The bear statuette follows 2015’s version, measuring 70cm and fully decorated in the artist’s “drip” style of painting. Pollock, a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement, was best known for his splatter paintings, which he created by using various tools […]