2018 NBA Draft Big Board: Ranking the Top Prospects in the NCAA Tournament

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Bleacher Report—Scouts will be put to work this year during the NCAA tournament, which will host dozens of must-track NBA prospects. Thirteen of our 14 projected lottery picks will be participating, including the draft's likely No. 1 overall pick—which we haven't seen the past two years with Markelle Fultz and Ben Simmons. The following big board excludes overseas players or those playing in the NIT or CBI. They are ranked on NBA potential and not college basketball impact. Begin Slideshow

2018 NBA Mock Draft: Predictions for Top Prospects in NCAA Tournament. The NCAA tournament can play a pivotal role in determining the draft stock of an NBA prospect. It's far from the be-all, end-all measure, of course, since big-league executives have been tracking most of these players for at least the last year. But it's still a useful evaluation tool for showing how they handle the national spotlight, win-or-go-home stakes and perhaps the highest level of competition they'll face all year. Considering draft slots are attached to rookie salaries, there are...