Donald Trump Legal Team Waives Attorney-Client Privilege On Michael Cohen’s McDougal Recording

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Deadline—President Donald Trump’s legal team decided today to waive attorney-client privilege claims on a Michael Cohen/Trump recording that reportedly discusses a payoff to Karen McDougal, a former Playboy model who claimed a long affair with the president in 2006. The recording was seized when the FBI raided Cohen’s home and office in April.  A Special Master in Cohen’s case previously ruled the conversation privileged, and Trump adviser Rudy Guiliani has come out and said the…

Michael Cohen’s tape was ‘privileged’ – but Trump’s legal team blabbed about it anyway: Source. Trump's own legal team decided to release a tape of Trump and Michael Cohen discussing a possible payment to a Playboy model, which had been deemed "privileged" in a federal court, a source with knowledge told CNBC.