From Russia with Missiles: China Is Preparing to Test S-400 Air Defense System

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The National Interest—Zachary Keck Security, Asia The S-400 is reportedly able to engage thirty-six targets simultaneously. According to some sources, every unit comes with eight launchers, each one of which is equipped with thirty-two missiles. China is preparing to carry out its first test of the Russian built S-400 air defense system, according to Russian media outlets. News of the test was reported on July 27 by TASS, a Russian media outlet. TASS quoted “a military and diplomatic source” as saying, “It is...

China Tests Hypersonic Aircraft Capable Of Penetrating U.S. Missile Defence Systems. China claims to have successfully tested a hypersonic aircraft capable of reaching speeds in excess of Mach 6, or 7,343km per hour. The cutting-edge vehicle has the potential to penetrate US missile defence systems and be refitted to include a nuclear warhead. More