Apple needs a feature like Google’s Call Screen

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TechCrunch—Google just one-upped Apple in a significant way by addressing a problem that’s plaguing U.S. cellphone owners: spam calls. The company’s new Pixel 3 flagship Android smartphone is first to introduce a new call screening feature that leverages the built-in Google Assistant. The screening service transcribes the caller’s request in real-time, allowing you to decide […]

Treat people like the burden they are with Google's 'call screen' feature. Google knows a lot about you, including, apparently, how much you hate answering the phone.  At the Pixel 3 press launch Tuesday, the company unveiled a new feature for its flagship smartphone that aims to make that most annoying of moments just slightly less so. And, in the process, it gives you the opportunity to show anyone who would dare to disturb you with an actual phone call what you really think of them: Namely, that they're an annoyance.  Called "call screen," the tool will answer...