Blue Bloods Boss Breaks Down Finale Twist, Family Dinner's Surprise Guest

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TVLine—The following contains major spoilers from the Season 8 finale of CBS’ Blue Bloods. CBS’ Blue Bloods this Friday capped a tension-filled Season 8 finale with more than a bit of feel-good sunshine. After tugging at heartstrings with Danny’s visit to Linda’s grave, abruptly assassinating Erin’s boss, Monica Graham, and then spending much of the […]

Blue Bloods finale: Why the show delivered that huge, long-awaited surprise. Warning: Spoilers ahead for the eighth season finale of Blue Bloods. Well, Blue Bloods fans, they finally did it. In the CBS procedural’s eighth season finale, fan-favorite pair Jamie (Will Estes) and Eddie (Vanessa Ray) finally got together after years of playful squad-car flirting and bickering, no doubt granting the wishes of many an audience member. Titled “My Aim Is True,” the episode tied up many of the season’s loose ends, as well as completing a year of grieving for Danny (Donnie...