Eight out of 10 of women have felt unable to cope in the past year – here's why we're so stressed

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the Guardian—I am one of the women who has felt overwhelmed. And this isn’t due to hormones, or any of the other explanations that are used to blame women Like every other age known to humankind, these are hard times to be a woman. According to the UK’s biggest survey into the impact of stress, 81% say they have felt overwhelmed or unable to cope in the past year (compared with 67% of men). The other 19% were probably too damn busy, or perhaps just drained by being paid less than the man sitting next to...

Stress leaves 80% of women feeling unable to cope reveals study. The Mental Health Foundation, which surveyed more than 4,600 people, found 81 per cent have felt overwhelmed and unable to cope in the past year, compared with 67 per cent of men.