'I never thought I was beautiful': Neelam Gill and the fight against the pressure to be pale

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the Guardian—The Burberry model – alongside a growing number of Asian women – is speaking out against colourism and prejudiced notions of beauty Every Asian woman has a colourism story to tell. Maybe it was last week, when a relative remarked on how dark she had gone in the sun. Or perhaps it’s a story from girlhood: the first time someone said she shouldn’t play outdoors because she would “tan”. Either way, wherever we are on the colour spectrum, we have all had a moment when we realised that, among our own...

Hollywood’s 'I Feel Pretty' misses the truth -- Physical beauty, will never fulfill us. In the new movie, “I Feel Pretty,” Amy Schumer’s character Renee, injures herself in a spin class accident and wakes up believing she’s that woman.