Blacklist EP: Finale's Duffel Bag Reveal Is 'Biggest Answer We've Given to Date'

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TVLine—Tonight’s season finale of The Blacklist (NBC, 8/7c) will pull a literal skeleton out of Raymond Reddington’s closet — or duffel bag, as it were — as viewers finally learn the identity of those pesky bones Red has been pursuing. But if you’re an eagle-eyed Blacklist viewer, it’s possible you’ve already deciphered to whom those […]

The Blacklist Season 5 Finale Recap: Whose Bones Are in That Bag?. To paraphrase Se7en‘s Det. David Mills: “What’s in the bag?!” It’s a question that The Blacklist viewers have hoped to get answered for a full year, ever since Mr. Kaplan dug up a mysterious suitcase before jumping to her death in last May’s finale. (At some point, the suitcase became a duffel bag, because The […]