Colin Graves: the blazered Terminator with his sights locked on cricket

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the Guardian—The ECB chairman seems determined to push on with his plans for The Hundred despite the outcry the prospect of the new format has caused across the game There is no fiercer battle than the one to be the least appealing individual in British sporting governance. It is a field in which we are absolutely world class. From the FA to the RFU to the ECB to the Jockey Club and far beyond, we really bring home the bacon. All the cured pork, in fact. Of all the games we invented, this is the last one we...

England cricket chief Colin Graves has to go after outburst regarding younger cricket generation. Colin Graves’s attempts in an interview with the BBC’s Dan Roan to justify the ECB’s abomination of a rival to the short form that is taking over the world game were so breathtakingly inept