Japan's Shinzo Abe says he could meet Kim Jong-un face-to-face and 'break the shell of distrust' with North Korea

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www.independent.co.uk—Time for two nations to 'get off to a new start', Abe tells UN General Assembly

'Break the shell of mistrust': Shinzo Abe willing to meet Kim Jong-un at summit. Summit could lower tensions between Tokyo and Pyongyang but Japanese PM still wants action on cold war abductions Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, has said he is willing to meet Kim Jong-un in a move that could lower simmering tensions between Tokyo and Pyongyang. But he insisted that any summit with the North Korea must lead to resolution of the regime’s cold war abductions of Japanese citizens. Speaking at the UN general assembly in New York on Tuesday, Abe said he was prepared to make a...