Rise Series Finale Recap: Stanton Drama Goes Out on a Low Note

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TVLine—I sure hope you didn’t buy a ticket to Stanton High School’s second performance of Spring Awakening — you won’t be getting a refund. Indeed, Tuesday’s season series finale of Rise ended with the Superintendent informing Mr. Mazzu that the school’s drama department was terminated. You know, budget cuts and all that. Or was it […]

The Middle Series Finale Recap: Do the Hecks Live Happily Ever After?. Warning: The following contains spoilers from the series finale of ABC’s The Middle. The series finale of ABC’s The Middle gives all the Heck kids their deserved happy endings — but not before one last family road trip.  The hour-long sendoff finds the Hecks preparing for Axl’s big move to Denver. Frankie has the most difficult time […]