Terry Crews takes us through the emotional roller coaster of his show 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' being canceled and then miraculously picked up

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Business Insider—The canceling by Fox of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" put the internet into meltdown mode. The show was eventually picked up by NBC for its sixth season. Series regular Terry Crews recalls the shock of getting the news that the show was canceled and how he learned NBC picked it up. It's been quite a ride the last week for Terry Crews. While gearing up to promote his role in the highly anticipated "Deadpool 2," Crews got the shocking news that the popular TV show he'd been a regular on for five seasons,...

Terry Crews Describes The Rollercoaster Of Emotions He Felt After The Cancellation Of "Brooklyn Nine-Nine". The actor likened the sad news to the loss of a friend. View Entire Post ›