The most surprising things about America, according to a Silicon Valley engineer who moved from India 7 years ago

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Business Insider—Aniruddh Chaturvedi LinkedIn software designer Aniruddh Chaturvedi moved to the US from India in 2011. In an email to Business Insider, Chaturvedi listed the most surprising things he discovered about American culture. They include a love of road trips, the low price of soda, and Americans' tendency to display the US flag everywhere. Sometimes you don't realize what makes your country unique until you hear it from an outsider. Aniruddh Chaturvedi, a senior software designer at LinkedIn, came...

My son passed away in April this year at age 7, this news story was shared a year ago about an epic road trip we took him on last summer to fulfill some of his bucket list.. Kari and Kirk Olavson planned the 2,800-mile, two-week journey after they recently found out their son Jacob’s health was in further decline.