Omarosa: Jared Has “Absolutely No Idea What’s Going On”; Ivanka “Loves Being Daddy’s Little Girl”

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Deadline—Omarosa Manigault Newman took her Unhinged book tour to Bill Maher’s Real Time, where she continued to torch the Trump administration she’d previously ordered us all to bow down before. This time, however, the interview wasn’t the walkover she’s come to expect. Maher kicked things off noting she'd started in Washington politics working for the Clinton administration. "In 1998 we were going through an investigation by guy named Ken Starr; we were faced with impeachment…

Omarosa: Ivanka loved being 'Daddy's little girl,' father-daughter relationship includes butt pats. Former White House Director of Communications Omarosa Manigault Newman said that Ivanka Trump loved being "Daddy's little girl" while President Trump would dote over her publicly, including patting her butt, kissing her on the lips, and rubbing her for "very long periods of time."