Released 911 call log reveals the phone of Jayme Closs's mother was used to call authorities

Mail Online -

Mail Online—Chilling new details from a dispatch log the morning Jayme Closs disappeared show the phone that was used to call 911 belonged to her mother, Denise, who was murdered with her husband, James.

911 call traced to phone of missing Wisconsin girl’s mother, authorities say. BARRON COUNTY, Wisconsin — A sheriff’s department dispatch log reveals new information about the night that missing Wisconsin teenager Jayme Closs‘ parents were found dead — including that a 911 call appeared to have come from her mother’s cell phone and that the door to the family’s home had been kicked in. Authorities have been searching for Jayme Closs, 13, since early Monday, when a mysterious 911 call led deputies to discover that her parents had been shot dead at […]