Watch How Hard It Is To Start Cars That Were Underground For An Entire Year -—After burying three cars, and finding them to be totally ruined by the time he dug them up a year later, Vlad, host of YouTube channel Garage 54 ENG, decided to attempt to start the vehicles' engines. Watch as the intrepid wrencher tries to bring life to machines that appear decidedly hopeless. More

MUST WATCH: Mom of 14-Year-Old Car Thief Hilariously Gives Him a Roadside Butt-Whoopin'. Whoa, Nelly! Liberals, close your ears. Millennials, go into the other room. Social Justice Warriors: Get on your bicycles, race to your mommy’s house for a diaper change, and plug your ears while you get powdered around your front hole. We’re going OLD SCHOOL– Remember when Han Solo guns were all black, with no sissy orange tip or — even worse — no | Read More