It’s a jungle out there: Costa Rica with kids

the Guardian -

the Guardian—Full of exotic animals and rainforests but also child-friendly, Costa Rica is the perfect natural playground for a family adventure It’s dark in the rainforest, the air thick with strange croaks and chirps, and our group moves slowly, following José’s torchlight. As he gestures for us to stop, we gather around in silence, the adults as keen as the children to see what he’s spotted. There on a leaf, with its bulging orange eyes, neat green body and comically big tangerine feet, sits a Costa Rican...

14 traveled to Costa Rica for a bachelor party. The groom’s brother was among four who died.. The 14 friends waited for the rain and wind to subside before their guides gave the go-ahead for their Costa Rica rafting excursion. But the four-hour trip was cut to … Click to Continue