See how to get cash at ATMs with phone


USA TODAY—Jefferson Graham visits a Chase bank to see how to use a mobile phone to withdraw cash, without having to use a physical debit card, on Talking Tech.

'They see it the same way they see the VIX and gold:' the 25-year-old cofounder of a crypto trading platform explains why billion-dollar hedge funds are getting interested in the market. Seed CX, a crypto trading platform aimed at institutions, says hedge funds are knocking on the door to use its services to dive into crypto. The firm, which has brought on a number of Wall Street heavy weights, announced Wednesday it raised $15 million.  Seed CX, a crypto trading firm in Chicago, has hedge funds knocking on the door to use its platform, according to cofounder Edward Woodford.  The firm, which announced Wednesday a $15 million series B fundraising round, is currently in the...