Ethereum’s “difficulty bomb” will change the currency forever—when it finally drops

MIT Technology Review -

MIT Technology Review—After finding bugs in the code they were testing, Ethereum’s core developers have decided to postpone the network’s scheduled hard fork, which was supposed to happen next month, until 2019.

How Week 12’s top-25 games will change the New Year’s picture. Keeping track of top-25 results, with postseason notes on each game as it goes final. Week 11 was probably the least consequential of the 2018 college football season, with zero top-10 teams losing. Well, Week 12 might be more of the same at the top, but remember: the madness is in the middle this year. And there are big stakes (even before the inevitable upsets), though we’re kicking most of them down the road to Rivalry Weekend. Below, we’re keeping track of each top-25 game’s impact, both...