The Lenovo Smart Display looks like a tablet and acts like one, too

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Mashable—How do you make a smart speaker smarter? Add a screen! The Lenovo Smart Display is powered by Google Assistant and has video calling capabilities. Alix Aspe tried it out and has all the details on this week's episode of Power Up. Read more... More about Tech, Lenovo, Speaker, El Pulso, and Power Up

If you like smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, you'll love the Smart Display even more – here are 8 reasons why. Smart screens are poised to replace smart speakers in people's homes. Lenovo's new Smart Display impresses as the first Google-powered smart device with a screen. The Lenovo Smart Display excels at “glanceable” tasks like weather forecasts, maps, and recipes. Business Insider readers can enter to win one of five Lenovo Smart Displays. Technology progresses in stages, and smart speakers were a good first step toward a future where AI helps make daily life more efficient. Ask for the day’s...