NBA trade rumors: Which star will join LeBron James, Lakers? Kawhi Leonard? Damian Lillard? John Wall? Latest news, rumors -—After a wild first few days of NBA Free Agency, things have calmed down slightly. That doesn't mean there's no longer intrigue. The main storyline remains, of course, where (or if) Spurs' Kawhi Leonard will be traded. Also: if the Lakers add another star this off-season, who will it be? Damian Lillard? John Wall? Dwyane Wade? Here's the round-up of the latest news and rumors from around the NBA

NBA trade rumors (07/03/2018): Lakers setting up for Kawhi Leonard trade? LaVar Ball reacts to LeBron James to Lakers; Latest free agency news, buzz, signings. The NBA offseason keeps cranking on Tuesday, July 3, 2018 (07/03/2018) as all eyes remain on the Los Angeles Lakers. After signing LeBron James, Magic Johnson and the Lakers now appear to be setting up to trade for the San Antonio Spurs' Kawhi Leonard. Can they get a deal done? Would Lonzo Ball (and LaVar Ball) get traded to San Antonio to make it happen? What about James' old teammate in Cleveland, Kevin Love? Is he on the market?