Jimmy Butler trade rumors: Knicks vow not to surrender assets for player 'we can go get on our own later'

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CBSSports.com—The Knicks brass is not interested in giving up assets to acquire a star, and remains steadfast in building 'step-by-step'

NBA trade rumors: Timberwolves' Jimmy Butler to Knicks?. Jimmy Butler is rumored to be upset in Minnesota. Could the Knicks swoop in and steal the All-Star wing? Opportunity could be arriving for the Knicks. With rumors of Jimmy Butler and the Minnesota Timberwolves not seeing eye-to-eye, there's at least a chance an in-season blockbuster could go down. Bleacher Report already has named the Knicks as a possible team to watch if a Butler sweepstakes commences. Here's what a deal could look like. New York Knicks get: Jimmy...