Wisconsin woman hires artist to paint mural on her house

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www.washingtontimes.com—MADISON, Wis. (AP) - When Mary Burke bought her house on Madison's south side last year, she saw its white, aluminum-sided walls and thought it needed something more. "It was almost as if it was a blank canvas," she told The Capital Times . Burke, the founder of Building Brave, ...

Calling all artists: Cleveland looking for someone to paint mural in France. CLEVELAND — How’s this for an amazing assignment: an all-expense paid trip to France to help paint a mural! The City of Cleveland said on Friday it’s seeking a local artist to paint in Rouen.  That person will travel to the area from November 6-20, 2018.  Everything from materials, to accommodations and travel expenses will be paid by the Rouen city government. In a press release, Cleveland said the mural is expected to be about 80 feet long by 32 […]