Roseanne Barr Reacts To Her Character’s Fate Being Revealed On ‘The Conners’ Premiere

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Deadline—SPOILER ALERT: This review contains details of The Conners debut tonight. The lingering question of “What will happen to Roseanne?” on the premiere of The Conners may not be as pressing and riveting  as “Who shot JR?” but it certainly is one of the TV history books. After learning of her fate, Roseanne Barr took to Twitter to simply say “I AIN’T DEAD BITCHES.” Her tweet was clearly a reaction to the episode which premiered tonight where her character dies of an opioid…

‘I ain’t dead’: Roseanne Barr reacts to her character’s fate after ‘The Conners’ premiere. The comedian, who was fired from ABC's "Roseanne" reboot after a racist Twitter rant, reacted angrily to the spinoff.