Lady Gaga says working with Bradley Cooper on A Star Is Born 'changed me'

Mail Online -

Mail Online—Lady Gaga has gushed over the experience of making A Star Is Born with co-star and director Bradley Cooper, In an interview with EW. 'It just has changed me,' said the 32-year-old pop star.

Lady Gaga says she 'burst into tears' when Bradley Cooper made her watch their 'A Star Is Born' movie for the first time. Warner Bros. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper star in the upcoming movie "A Star Is Born," which is scheduled for release on October 5.  Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the singer and actress said that when Cooper (who is also the director) showed her a cut, she "burst into tears." "I literally cried watching the whole movie," Gaga said. Lady Gaga leads the highly anticipated movie "A Star Is Born," and said that she got emotional after watching it for the first time.  During an interview with...