Theresa May refuses to say when Britain will leave 'permanent limbo' with the EU after Brexit

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Business Insider—Theresa May refuses to say when the "Brexit backstop" would come to an end. Leading Conservative Brexiteers pile pressure on May to put a fixed end date on the backstop, meaning Britain could be kept indefinitely within EU customs and trade rules after Brexit. However, May insists she will secure a break-clause from the EU if they fail to agree on new arrangements after Brexit. May is just days away from a crucial summit with EU leaders in which both sides hope for a divorce deal. LONDON —...

Britain will leave EU 'not just in name', Brexit minister says. Britain will leave the European Union "in fact, not just in name", Brexit minister Dominic Raab will say on Monday, warning that London's "willingness to compromise is not without limits" and leaving without a deal is very much an option.