Joe’s Weather Blog: Wrapping up Florence and big changes in KC weather (WED-9/19)

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FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV | News, Weather, Sports—Good morning...took a couple of days off from the blog as I was filling in for Mike and was a bit blog burned out after all the comprehensive blogs associated with Florence last week and before that. Today will wrap that storm up...and also talk about the two seasons that will be with us this week...summer and fall. Both will be felt strongly and you can really see the changes in how the pattern is adjusting right now...stronger cold fronts and at least some rain are all on tap for the area.

Joe’s Weather Blog: Welcome to fall in KC (FRI-9/21). Good morning...the cold front that was accurately predicted to move into the area about 10 days ago...has now moved through and our weather will be very different from here on out. That doesn't mean there won't be warm days...for example 85° type days but they will be more fleeting and it appears that after 58 days with temperatures 90° or above...we may be done with the 90s. We certainly are for this month...even though we have 9 days to go in September. actually the risk of having highs in the...