APT In The Crosshairs

New Haven Independent -

New Haven Independent—Move the entire operation away from homes and schools deep into the heart of Yale’s medical district. Fix the broken, under-funded Medicaid transportation system that’s supposed to serve those in recovery. Have a private van service escort clients in and out. Maybe even form a drug users’ union so they can have their own voice. Operate in all of Connecticut’s 169 towns, and do it 24/7, if you must, but find ways to relieve the stress on an already deeply stressed Hill neighborhood.

APT's Toll On Our Neighborhoods. Last week, over 30 minutes in mid-morning, my husband and I witnessed open-air drug deals outside of the church next door, followed by drug use next to a school bus. A knife-wielding man rampaged up the street followed by a highly intoxicated woman.  Five minutes later, a John and a sex worker engaged in sex acts in the open. Later that afternoon as I walked my dog in the park, I was overwhelmed by what I saw: a used condom on the sidewalk next to my house and dirty needles, bloody gauzes and...