How Australia's first submarine sank near the start of World War I in 1914 off Papua New Guinea

Mail Online -

Mail Online—The final moments of 35 sailors, on board the first Australian submarine to sink during World War I, in 1914 remained a mystery until this year. Experts have revealed what happened to HMAS AE1.

Mystery solved: Australia's first submarine sunk in 1914 by open valve. Experts unsure if human error or mechanical failure caused AE1 to sink off Papua New Guinea during first world war Investigators believe they have solved the 104-year-old mystery of what sank Australia’s first submarine and sent 35 sailors to a watery grave off Papua New Guinea. Experts who analysed the wreck believe HMAS AE1 sank after a ventilation valve in the hull was left partially open when the sub dived. Continue reading...