Trust no one: how Le Carré's Little Drummer Girl predicted our dangerous world

the Guardian -

the Guardian—Secret interrogations, elaborately staged deceptions, conspiracies and murder ... John le Carré’s murky spy thriller could not be more relevant David Cornwell, or John le Carré, as we usually call him, must have been wincing as he viewed the CCTV stills of those two Russian visitors to Salisbury. He was surely shaking his head in dismay as he watched their later avowals of their touristic interest in Salisbury Cathedral on Russian TV. This is not just because he is an old secret service hand...

The Little Drummer Girl, episode 2 review: this Le Carré drama is languid, tense and seductive. With those hoping for another Night Manager having presumably turned over to another channel, the rest of us could tuck into the second episode of Park Chan-wook’s gorgeous adaptation of le Carré’s The Little Drummer Girl (BBC One).