Wake up to the future of sleep: Robots you can hug, ring fit for royalty, and brain-training pebble

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Mail Online—The sleep-health industry is estimated to be worth up to £30 billion and now has its first dedicated trade show, Somnex, which was held at an east London exhibition space earlier this month.

This $200 ring packs every fitness-tracking feature you’d want into a tiny package — here’s what it can do. These days, most wearables seem intent on providing you with the most information possible. But a new health and fitness tracker is intent on doing only a few things, and doing them well.  The Motiv ring is a smart ring that tracks your activity, heart rate, calories burned, distance covered, and hours of sleep. Wearables startup Motiv launched the first-generation ring last year, but now it's back with the second-generation ring that has an interesting new feature: two-factor...