Manafort was in default on Trump Tower condo when he forfeited it in plea — now bank wants a piece


CNBC—UBS Bank is asking a federal judge for a hearing to recognize and adjudicate that bank's interest in Paul Manafort's condo in the landmark building owned by President Donald Trump on Fifth Avenue in New York.

UBS Tells DOJ To Pound Sand Over Plea Deal For Manafort's Trump Tower Apartment. UBS has filed a document with the District Court of D.C. to block the Department of Justice's forfeiture of Paul Manafort's $3 million apartment at Trump Tower - arguing that the 1,500 square-foot, 43rd floor unit isn't his to relinquish per a September agreement with federal prosecutors. Bloomberg reports that the former Trump campaign chairman gave up the condo as part of a plea arrangement regarding crimes he committed as a consultant for Ukraine's then-ruling government party.  Manafort...