Aid Headlines

  • Why the migrant caravan is not a border crisis

    These caravans are not intended to "storm" the border. Rather, they provide protection for migrants vulnerable to abuse.

  • Three lawyers and another man facing fraud charges after allegedly rorting $340,000 from Legal Aid

    Four men have been charged with fraud and money laundering following a lengthy investigation into the dealings of a Brisbane law firm.

    Mail Online
  • Zimbabwe needs aid to prevent further crisis, warns ruling party

    Petrol, food and medicine shortages bite as country deals with legacy of Robert Mugabe Zimbabwe will plunge further into economic crisis unless international lenders provide aid to the heavily indebted former British colony, senior officials from the Zanu-PF ruling party have said. In recent days, some vital commodities have become scarce, with motorists in Harare, the capital, spending a night in their cars in queues outside petrol stations, supermarkets rationing purchases or shutting...

    the Guardian
  • Demonstrator ambushes Penny Mordaunt on stage during aid abuse speech – video

    The development secretary was dramatically interrupted while addressing delegates at a conference on sexual abuse in the aid sector when Alexia Pepper De Caires, a charity whistleblower and former Save the Children employee, strode on to the stagePenny Mordaunt confronted on stage by protester over failings on aid sex abuse Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • Penny Mordaunt confronted on stage by protester over failings on aid sex abuse

    Development secretary allows demonstrator to address audience at event called in response to Oxfam scandal Penny Mordaunt was dramatically confronted on stage by a protester who accused her of failing to give women a voice at a conference on sex abuse in the aid sector. Alexia Pepper De Caires, a whistleblower and former Save the Children employee, approached the minister while she was delivering her speech in London on Thursday. Continue reading...

    the Guardian
  • Shocking moment protester walks up to Aid Secretary during a speech

    Penny Mordaunt was speaking at the Queen Elizabeth II Centre in central London today when Alexia Pepper de Caires appeared on stage and walked straight to the podium.

    Mail Online