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  • Charles Oakley calls Charles Barkley a 'clown'

    The Charles/Charles feud gets heated again.

  • Charles Manson's Ashes Being Sold Off

    Charles Manson’s ashes are being sold off – along with other sick memorabilia from the monster’s funeral, learned exclusively! Although court proceedings are still raging to decide the rightful heir to the murderer’s estate – which some speculate could be worth millions – frontrunner in the case Jason Freeman, Mason’s grandson, has wasted no Read More

  • What Happened to Charles Krauthammer? How Is He Doing Now?

    Fox News’ iconic commentator Charles Krauthammer has been MIA for a while now and is being missed by the network’s viewers. What happened to Charles Krauthammer? The prominent media personality underwent surgery months ago, but complications arose, and he is currently still in recovery. After taking time off broadcasting, Krauthammer gave his worried fans an update on his health through his colleagues at Fox News. It appears that Charles Krauthammer might be back in… The post What Happened to...

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  • Andrews grilled on firefighters promises

    Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has again denied the existence of secret deals with the state's powerful firefighters union secretary Peter Marshall or that...

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  • Meet the OTHER Louis Charles Cambridge

    Louis comes from a line of royal fanatics who hold street parties for jubilees and drink out of Windsor tea mugs at their home in Cheltenham.

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  • It's not easy being Charles Manson's grandson

    The private funeral was open casket, and Jason Freeman wanted to place the ring on his grandfather's finger but the body was so badly decomposed he was wearing gloves. Freeman set the ring on Charles Manson's chest and walked away instead. Upon conclusion of the service March 17 in Porterville, California, the six pallbearers carried Manson's casket to the crematory, where Freeman stood in a waiting area. When Freeman was presented with the ashes of perhaps the most notorious criminal in...