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  • How plants evolved to make ants their servants

    Plants are boring. They just sit there photosynthesizing while animals have all the fun. Right? Not so much. Take a look at the interactions between ants and plants—plants have evolved features specifically to make them enticing to ants, like juicy nectar for the insects to eat and hollow thorns for them to take shelter in. In exchange, plants use ants to spread their seeds and even act as bodyguards. A new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences breaks down the genetic...
  • Así jugaría Peñarol ante Nacional

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  • Invasive ant eradicated from Lord Howe

    Armies of African big-headed ants no longer plague the shores of Lord Howe Island, with the World Heritage-listed site finally declared free of the...

    Mail Online
  • Ant told off by judge after court no-show

    The star fails to attend a preliminary hearing about the financial settlement for his divorce.

    BBC News
  • Ant Middleton: `Climbing Everest was a cocktail of disasters you...

    He´s faced many challenges, but it turns out his latest was the biggest ever. Gabrielle Fagan catches up with the lovely mean machine, Ant Middleton.

    Mail Online
  • Qld launches fresh attack on fire ants

    Fire ants are spreading in Queensland but the state government insists the invasive pest would be "all the way to Sydney" by now if not for its...

    Mail Online