Bear Market Headlines

  • 5 Things to Do in a Bear Market

    No one knows when we're headed for an official bear market (you can only learn that in hindsight, unfortunately), so here's what investors should do today, no matter what's happening on Wall Street.
  • The Great Bear Market Of 2018

    Authored by Lance Roberts via, The Bear Market Of 2018 Let’s start with where we left off last weekend: “Currently, we do not know whether the current corrective action is JUST a normal, healthy correction, or the beginning of something bigger. BUT – this is the expected correction we have been discussing over the last several weeks. It is also something we had planned for by reducing overweight positions and adding a short-hedge to portfolios.  With the markets...

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  • 'No equity bear market but more corrections' seen by Citi strategists

    Synchronized tapering of global central bank stimulus programs could prompt more volatility in equity and corporate and sovereign bonds, Citi said.

  • Here’s where Credit Suisse sees the risk of a bear market for bonds

    The downtrend in U.S. Treasury yields of the last several years has been broken, though experts disagree on the tipping point for a bear market.

  • History suggests strong economy can ward off bear market

    By Lewis KrauskopfNEW YORK, Feb 12 (Reuters) - Faith in the economy is reason to think this current stock market correction is unlikely to deepen into a...

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  • Jim Rogers: "Next Bear Market Will Be Worst In My Lifetime"

    For months now, Jim Rogers has been talking to anybody (who cares to listen) about the coming equity crash, which he said would be the "worst in his lifetime" - and he's a spry 75 years old. Today, in his latest pessimistic prognostication, the co-founder of George Soros' Quantum Fund told Bloomberg  that the fact that the total US debt pile has only increased since the financial crisis threatens to upend stocks, and that he believes the current turmoil will continue  until Jerome Powell and...

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