Big Hollywood Headlines

  • Today's Trailer Happy Hour has a big shark, big comedy, and a big family

    The long July 4 weekend—when people who are afforded luxuries like “vacation time” suddenly decide that they’d rather spend five days outside in the miserable sun rather than in the cool comfort of a sterile office building—is almost over. That means it’ll soon be time to return to the awful and stupid real world, where everything is bad and stupid, but we still have time to squeeze in a quick Trailer Happy Hour to make Sunday night go down a little easier. Today we’ve got a quick clip from the...

  • Out of the cave, onto the big screen: Hollywood has its sights on gripping Thai rescue

    As the incredible saga of a youth soccer team’s rescue from a cave in northern Thailand comes to a conclusion, Hollywood is already eyeing the drama. Two American producers have spent the last few days near the cave complex laying the groundwork for what they think will be a blockbuster.

  • Artificial Intelligence Will Be Hollywood’s Next Big Star – Guest Column

    Editors’ Note: Industry veteran Arvin Patel is Chief Intellectual Property Officer at TiVo and former chief IPO officer at Technicolor, with previous stints at Rovi and IBM. At TiVo, he oversees the company’s annual $400 million IP business and about 6,000 issued patents, as well as its pending applications worldwide. He also leads TiVo's global organization of IP professionals overseeing portfolio development and management, licensing, strategic patent acquisition…

  • Simon Pegg Reveals He Was a 'Lost and Unhappy, and an Alcoholic' as He Hit the Hollywood Big Time

    Simon Pegg has candidly revealed his long battle with alcoholism and depression. The actor and comedian, 48, spent years attempting to hide his struggles, calling his time in the throes of addiction as “awful, terrible.” “It owned me,” he told The Guardian in an interview published Monday. Pegg said even as went from British funnyman to Hollywood star, working with the likes of Tom Cruise on the Mission: Impossible films and J.J. Abrams on the Star Trek reboots, his depression did not allow him...
  • Carpetbagging: Hollywood Donating Big Bucks to Texas Dem Beto O’Rourke

    Some of Hollywood's most affluent and influential power players have poured tens of thousands of dollars into the campaign coffers of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz's general election opponent, Rep. Beto O'Rourke.

  • Exclusive: Preview 'The Woman Inside,' the next big thriller getting the Hollywood treatment

    We’re still in the dog days of summer, but looking ahead to 2019, we’ve got your exclusive first look at what’s promising to be next year’s chilliest thriller: The Woman Inside. Hyped in the vein of recent best-sellers The Woman in the Window and The Wife Between Us, The Woman Inside is written by a pair of authors — one a publishing insider, the other a screenwriter — under the pseudonym E.G. Scott. And like those aforementioned thrillers, this one already has a high-profile development deal in...