Case Keenum Headlines

  • 1974 California cold case could be linked to suspect in Golden State Killer cases, investigators say

    Tulare County cold case detectives have their eye on Joseph DeAngelo as a suspect in the slaying of 15-year-old Jennifer Armour.

  • Judge rules DHS must consider detained asylum-seekers' parole on case-by-case basis

    A federal judge in Washington, D.C. ruled Monday that the federal government must consider on a case-by-case basis whether asylum-seekers who have been detained represent a flight risk or credible danger to the public.

    Fox News
  • The case against Blackwater

    The Nicholas Slatten retrial has opened up a can of worms for government prosecutors.�
  • The case for censuring Trump

    An official reprimand of the president would not be a substitute for impeachment but a possible precursor to it.
  • The Case of Emmett Till

    This week Timothy B. Tyson joins Rev. Al Sharpton to discuss how his book, “The Blood of Emmett Till” may have led to the reopening of the case by the Department of Justice.

    NBC News
  • The Case for Refashioning NATO

    Doug Bandow Security, Europe The national-security threats of yesteryear are gone, but the NATO structure remains the same. Give President Donald Trump credit. He has gotten Europe’s attention. For decades American presidents and defense secretaries threatened, badgered, asked and begged European leaders to spend more on their militaries. Uncle Sam’s persistent whining was embarrassing for a superpower. Yet even during the Cold War while facing the Soviet Union, aka the Evil Empire, NATO’s...

    The National Interest
  • HEALTH: In case of emergencies…

    With schools breaking up shortly, prep for holiday health with the St John Ambulance Universal Plus First Aid Kit – everything you need for common accidents

    Mail Online
  • The case for introducing rhinos to Australia

    Rhinos in Australia might seem like an insane proposition – after all, we've had historically bad luck with introduced species. But on reflection it's not quite as crazy as it sounds.
  • Luxe to less: Cabin cases

    FEMAIL picks out a selection of this year's most stylish cabin cases for your holiday. Picks include items from Tumi, American Tourister and John Lewis.

    Mail Online
  • Google's antitrust cases in Europe

    BRUSSELS - Alphabet unit Google was hit with a record-breaking 4.34 billion euro ($5.04 billion) fine on Wednesday, topping the 2.4 billion euros it was ordered to pay in another case last year.

  • Eat: The Case for Canned Tuna

    Tasting your way to a deeply summery salad.
  • The case for abolishing public schools

    Socialist hell-holes for kids. A waste of money for adults.
  • Family Reunification Case Update

    Lawyers for the government and the ACLU remain at odds over efforts to reunify families separated when they crossed the border.
  • Neko Case Has Been Through Hell And Back

    Case reflects on a solitary childhood, the fire that consumed her house, the subjugation of women and the fate of humanity, and performs songs from her latest album, Hell-On.
  • The Next Big Labor Case

    Watchdog petitions Supreme Court on withdrawal case that could upend labor law
  • The Big National Injunction Case

    The national injunction is moving from a simmer to a boil. Here are the major developments: Today, in Trump v. Hawaii, the majority did not reach the scope of the injunction. In a concurring opinion, however, Justice Thomas launched a ten-page critique of the "universal injunctions" being given by federal courts. He emphasized not the policy weakness of these injunctions, but their lack of legitimacy--their relative novelty, their inconsistency with a claimant-focused view of the judicial...
  • The case against civility in the battle against Trump

    Sorry, no, I won’t suffer lectures about civility from members of a party led by a swaggering, unrepentant bully who relentlessly attacks his detractors with schoolyard insults. The GOP was revived in the furious swamps of Tea Party rallies starting in 2009 and sustained by a campaign of hatred...
  • WATCH: What to do in case of killer bee attack

    Killer bees attack when people come close to their hives.

    ABC News
  • Ed Yardeni Makes a Case for Bullishness

    The economist and market strategist expects Standard & Poor's 500-stock index to rise 14% for the rest of 2018 and no recession for at least a couple of years.
  • Police 'dropped the ball' on Dawson case

    NSW's top cop has admitted police made mistakes when investigating the 1982 disappearance and likely murder of Sydney mother Lynette Joy Dawson.But Police...

    Mail Online
  • The Case Against Revealing Your Salary to Future Employers

    One day in 2012, Aileen Rizo, a math consultant in the Fresno, California, education system, overheard a recently hired male colleague talking about his salary. Rizo was “floored,” she said, to learn that although she had the same job title as he did, was better educated, and had more experience, he was paid more. After asking around, Rizo learned that this was no coincidence: Several of her male colleagues were earning significantly more than her as well. “I felt like I was part of a picture...

    The New Republic


    Mail Online
  • TIMELINE-Google's antitrust cases in Europe

    BRUSSELS, July 18 - Alphabet unit Google was hit with a record-breaking 4.34 billion euro ($5.04 billion) fine on Wednesday, topping the 2.4 billion euros...

    Mail Online
  • CBS Comes Down With a Case of ‘Obama Fever’

    Network journalists have a long history of gushing about Barack Obama’s world travels. This was true when he was president and it’s true now. CBS This Morning on Tuesday covered Obama’s trip to South Africa and touted the “Obama fever” that is spreading.