Chemicals (Legacy) Headlines

  • The legacy of the Camp David Accords

    Martin Fletcher, a former NBC News correspondent, and the Atlantic Council's Fred Kempe join Morning Joe to discuss the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Camp David peace accords.
  • USCIS and the legacy of Ellis Island

    “USCIS and the Legacy of Ellis Island,” tells the story of Ellis Island through the perspective of those who worked there and highlights the historical connections between the USCIS mission and this iconic historic site. … Click to Continue

  • WATCH: The legacy of John McCain

    A look back, remembering the life of Arizona senator and Vietnam War hero John McCain and his profound dedication to the United States.

    ABC News
  • Kazakhstan begins chemical castration of paedophiles

    The former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan is poised to begin the chemical castration of convicted paedophiles after the country passed a law enabling the practice earlier this year.

    Mail Online
  • Guthrie's 'Hunger Games' legacy at ABC

    Michelle Guthrie's time as the ABC's managing director will be remembered for low staff morale, redundancies and budget cuts, says the national journalist's...

    Mail Online
  • Three in hospital after suspected chemical incident

    Emergency services were called to a Scottish Gas building in Edinburgh.

    Mail Online