Christian Maronite Patriarch Headlines

  • Nonfiction: Why Did Christianity Prevail?

    Bart D. Ehrman’s “The Triumph of Christianity” looks at how a new religion conquered the Roman Empire.
  • Gaffney: Save the Persecuted Christians!

    In President Trump’s remarks before the National Prayer Breakfast last week, he spoke movingly about the plight of “millions of people in Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and other countries [who] suffer under repressive and brutal regimes. America stands with all people suffering oppression and religious persecution.”

  • The Anti-Christian Alt-Right

    As you may know, many young conservatives have left Christianity,” the message begins. “Although . . . .

    First Things
  • Life In Post-Christian Britain

    The difficulties of being a Christian midwife or a Christian schooteacher

    The American Conservative
  • Black Christian Voters and 2020

    Will black Christians betray Christ to support Oprah the way they did Obama?�
  • In defense of Christians who support Trump

    Special to Dennis Prager It is usually easier for an outsider to defend a person or a group that is attacked than for the person or group. In that vein, this Jew would like to defend evangelicals and other Christians who support President Donald Trump. They are regularly attacked as religious hypocrites who give […]

    World Tribune Life
  • I Wish I Were as Bad a Christian as Mike Pence

    I've repeatedly said that though President Trump gives his leftist enemies plenty of fodder in his tweets to attack him, they would malign any Republican president unless he totally capitulated to their demands — and switched parties. Indeed, they always have. Please support CNSNews today! (a 501c3 non-profit production of the Media...

    CNS News
  • Why do Christians wear ashes on Ash Wednesday?

    By Michael Laver, Department Chair, Associate professor, Rochester Institute of Technology. Worshippers at Ash Wednesday mass. AP Photo/Alan Diaz This coming Wednesday many Christians will arrive at work with a black cross smudged on their foreheads; countless more will slip into a church or a chapel during their lunch break or after work to receive the sign that tells the arrival of Ash Wednesday, the traditional start of the Christian season of…

    Raw Story
  • Tottenham have grown up, according to Christian Eriksen

    Spurs have a place in the Champions League quarter-finals within reach.

    Mail Online
  • Queer Eye Recap: Sister Christian

    This episode of Queer Eye, more than anything, reminded me of those episodes of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition where Ty Pennington would find someone who had a disabled child, was thrown out of her house, fostered 17 children successfully, or was a former henchman to an evil supervillain and needed ... More

  • The Sad Reality Of A Christian Pick-Up Artist

    This is the story of a man who raged against the vagina and lost.
  • Can someone be long-haired and Christian?

    Meet 15-year-old Ben. Ben has long hair. Ben listens to wildly inappropriate music. Ben is rebellious, bitter and has no respect for authority. Ben smokes behind the barn and slings a vocabulary saltier than beef jerky.

    Fox News
  • Christians, Take The Alt-Right Seriously

    Matthew Rose explains why the alt-right is anti-Christian and morally wrong, but cannot be easily dismissed

    The American Conservative
  • Richard Wilkins' son Christian comes out

    Richard Wilkins' son, Christian, has come out as gay.

    Mail Online
  • Christian Bale saddles up for earnest 'Hostiles'

    In some respects a timely rumination on healing and bridging divisions, "Hostiles" is a sturdy but unspectacular western, as old adversaries shed animosities through the shared ordeal of a cross-country trek. Christian Bale turns in a solid, stoic performance as a gruff soldier, but writer-director Scott Cooper's earnest film doesn't break much ground.

  • Christian Dada Collabs With Kappa for FW18

    Christian Dada, the brainchild of Japanese designer Masanori Morikawa, takes the Dadaist mantra of nihility (i.e. nothing means anything) and puts it on the runway. That means the brand’s collections are, on the outside, pretty hard to read, and FW18 was no different — Morikawa cited a David Lynch quote about spirals as the starting point […]

  • It’s Not Mentally Ill To Be a Gun-Owning Christian

    Jimmy Kimmel’s beleaguered imagination apparently can’t reconcile legal gun ownership with Christianity, and Joy Behar thinks Christianity is mental illness.

    The Federalist

    The Prophet Yunis is widely regarded as the Islamic version of the prophet perhaps more commonly referred to in the Bible as Jonah.

    Mail Online