Chucky Doll Headlines

  • Check out this Chucky Doll cake

    Chucky is a scary doll that haunts nightmares, but now it is available as a cake. Keri Lumm reports.

  • The Creator Of Chucky The Doll Is Not Impressed With His Creation's New Look

    Chucky is back. Right? That is Chucky, isn't it? More
  • Why we love robotic dogs, puppets and dolls

    There’s a lot of hype around the release of Sony’s latest robotic dog. It’s called “aibo,” and is promoted as using artificial intelligence to respond to people looking at it, talking to it and touching it. Japanese customers have already bought over 20,000 units, and it is expected to come to the U.S. before the holiday gift-buying season – at a price nearing US$3,000. Why would anyone pay so much for a robotic dog? My …

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  • Dead body turns out to be sex doll

    Police in Colerain Township, Ohio, were summoned to a nature reserve after a dead body was spotted at the side of the road. But it was a sex doll. WLWT: When Colerain police officers arrived and saw the body for themselves, they called the coroner. As the coroner went to pick up the body, they realized it wasn't human. What they had found was a sex doll, Colerain Police Chief Mark Denney said. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's just a mannequin. But you do you, Ohio. Photo courtesy of WLWT5 Read...

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  • Dolls, paintings, sculptures, and more at hob'art this weekend

    Dolls have always intrigued Ndoye to the point where she began creating a whole civilization based on the lives of the three-dimensional artificial beings. Liz Ndoye has created her own world and it can be seen at the hob'art gallery in Hoboken from Sept 28 to Oct 21. The new show, "Free Fall," will feature Ndoye's latest work surrounding her world of doll creatures. Dolls have always intrigued Ndoye to the point where she began creating a whole civilization based...
  • ‘Terrifying’ doll gets Spotify ad banned

    Spotify’s latest ad features a catchy popular pop tune and “a medley of horror film tropes” in the lead-up to its final tagline, per NPR: “Killer songs you can’t resist.” But it’s just that horror theme, along with what Billboard calls a “terrifying eyeless doll,” that has now prompted a UK watchdog group to ban the commercial. The minute-long ad shows a bunch of young people living in a house together, starting their mornings with a “wake-up playlist” that includes Camila Cabello’s “Havana”—a...

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