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  • John Oliver: Trump and Bin Salman are 'similar in some of the worst ways'

    The Last Week Tonight host took aim at America’s ‘long and morally compromised history’ with Saudi Arabia John Oliver laid out the problematic relationship that Donald Trump shares with the Saudi prince Mohammed bin Salman, calling out their similarities. On his HBO show Last Week Tonight, the comic talked about the “absolutely horrific” reports of the alleged murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who has been missing since 2 October and is presumed to have been murdered in the Saudi consulate...

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  • Chris Gethard on his new book, his old TV show, and not taking the “cult” part of “cult hero” literally

    It’s always a good time to talk to Chris Gethard. Hundreds of people regularly vie for that opportunity, waiting for him to tweet the phone number for Beautiful/Anonymous, a podcast that is built entirely of Gethard taking calls from unidentified strangers. But now seems like a particularly good time to talk to the comedian, podcaster, and author: His new book, Lose Well, comes out Tuesday, October 16, just a couple of months after he announced the end of the eponymous variety show that had...

  • Saturday Night Live: Kanye and Trump leave Seth Meyers asking REALLY!?!

    The rapper has dominated the season – it would have been fitting to end on Paul Simon and Bridge Over Troubled Water Alec Baldwin makes his first appearance of the season as Donald Trump for a cold open that predictably sends up the “in no way a publicity stunt” meeting between the president and Kanye West. As the manic, rambling West, featured player Chris Redd nails the impression. Baldwin’s Trump doesn’t have much to do – for once, he’s not the most belligerent person in the room. Most of the...

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  • Steve Carell: "The Office" Couldn't Be Made In Today's Political Climate

    This is heartbreaking The post Steve Carell: “The Office” Couldn’t Be Made In Today’s Political Climate appeared first on RedState.

  • Jimmy Kimmel on Kanye West's Trump visit: 'We've got crazy to cover'

    Late-night hosts ripped the rapper’s meeting with the president for the ‘nonsense and stupidity’ that was on display Late-night hosts took aim at Kanye West and Donald Trump’s much-hyped lunch, criticising them both for “ranting and raving”. Continue reading...

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  • Jimmy Kimmel on Trump’s op-ed: ‘He was in the fake news’

    Late-night hosts discussed the president’s article for USA Today and the hotly contested race for governor of Georgia Late-night hosts took aim at Donald Trump’s much criticised op-ed for USA Today, referring to it as “fake news”. Continue reading...

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