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  • Is a lack of company pride killing your company? Research says it could be

    Are your employees proud to work for your company? You should be making sure they are. A study at Facebook found that pride in the workplace was the single most important driver of engagement. And at a time when Gallup’s gauge of employee engagement finds less than 35 percent of Americans are engaged at work — contributing to lower retention and productivity — everyone is trying to figure out how to increase it. There might not be only one answer to what drives engagement, but pride is a strong...

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  • Fintech companies are quietly shaking up the banking industry — and big payments companies should be scared

    Traditional banks tend to shrug off threats from fintech upstarts, but new research has found that these newcomers are quietly shaking up the banking industry. These new entrants have accumulated up to one-third of new revenue, says a report from Accenture released on Wednesday. The impact of these companies is different across regions. In the US, they captured 3.5% of the total banking and payment revenue in 2017, compared with 14% in the UK, Accenture found. Traditional banks tend to shrug...

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  • U.S. charges Chinese companies with stealing trade secrets from semi-conductor company

    The prosecution comes amid heighted trade tensions between China and the U.S., and as American officials raise alarms about the threat of Chinese economic espionage.

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  • Employee morale at Facebook has reportedly plummeted following all the company's scandals, according to internal company survey (FB)

    Morale at Facebook has plummeted.  According to a new report, Facebook employee's attitudes have dropped massively over the last year, after months of scandals for the Silicon Valley giant. "It has been a difficult period, but every day we see people pulling together to learn the lessons of the past year and build a stronger company. Everyone at Facebook has a stake in our future and we are heads down shipping great products and protecting the people who use them," a Facebook spokesperson told...

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  • Salesforce owns $1.2 billion worth of other companies — here are its five biggest investments in public companies (CRM, DBX, DOCU, DOMO, SVMK)

    Salesforce brings in billions of dollars in revenue each year from its subscription software subscriptions. But the $98 billion cloud company is also a big investor in other tech companies — and it seems especially fond of pouring money in to other public companies that sell software to businesses.  And those investments add up. As of August, Salesforce owned $1.2 billion worth of equity in other companies — both public and private — according to a company filing. That's up from $1.02 billion in...

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  • Why Tech Companies Lie

    Tech companies and their executives frequently get called out for lying. But not all misstatements are really lies, and there are even good reasons for many of them. We take a look at why companies lie and, hopefully, provide some background on how to evaluate what you hear and read. The post Why Tech Companies Lie appeared first on ExtremeTech.