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  • When Companies Supersize, Paychecks Shrink

    Workers lose out when mergers reduce competition. It’s time for antitrust regulators to step in.
  • Which company invented the hard disk drive?

    After looking into different technologies including wire matrices and rod arrays, IBM invented the hard disk drive at its San Jose California lab in 1953 and initially referred to the technology as a "Random Access File," which proved to be…

  • Customer-First Companies Are The Future Of Business

    Building customer-centered culture is the key to surviving the modern business environment.

  • How This Delivery Company's Office Encourages Creativity

    Get a tour of Bouqs' airy and open office space.

  • Biscayne Brewing Company opens in Doral

    Archive video from 2015: As the craft beer scene continues to grow in South Florida, the Miami Herald visits a new spot in Doral set to open in 2015. Food Editor, Evan Benn, sits down with the co-owners of Biscayne Brewing Company. … Click to Continue

  • Canada Cracks Down On Unlicensed Cryptocurrency Companies

    The Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) is cracking down on unlicensed companies promoting investments and trading in cryptocurrencies. The authority issued an investor alert on May 18, warning the public about five companies: BTCReal, BitSerial, Hypercube Ventures LP, CabinCoin OÜ, and BaapPay Inc., which it said “appeared to be involved in schemes that target Ontario investors […] The post Canada Cracks Down On Unlicensed Cryptocurrency Companies appeared first on Coinjournal.

  • ServiceNow: Solid and uncertain -- a company in transition

    ServiceNow is a fascinating company that has been a dramatic and very pleasant success for the past decade plus. It's now at a pivotal point in its history, and its the kind of pivot that gets it to its optimal goals or it just keeps moving along. Can ServiceNow do it? Read and find out.

  • Lawmaker won't apologize for calling company 'terrorists'

    A Michigan lawmaker says he doesn't regret comparing the state's largest energy provider to "terrorists" he'd like to "shoot" despite calls for him to publicly apologize. Republican Rep. Gary Glenn … Click to Continue

  • Tech companies are ruining America's image

    Zach Gibson/Getty Images America's largest cultural export used to be its entertainment — today, it is modern communication, thanks to Silicon Valley.  The question we should be asking ourselves, then, is: If the world looks at America and sees Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter as its profile picture, what does the world think? Because of social media, false speech, hate speech, and extremist views spread easily — which associates the US with the degradation of political discourse. There is a...

    Business Insider
  • Why An SSL Certificate Is Important For Your Company Website

    Having an SSL certificate is quickly becoming more and more of a necessity.

  • Why Companies Are Adopting Serverless Cloud Technology

    Adopting serverless technology may benefit some companies.

  • This Smart Luggage Company Is Going Out Of Business

    It was fun while it lasted. View Entire Post ›

  • raceAhead: BlackRock on Building An Inclusive Company

    Diversity chief Jonathan McBride is using data and "talking to people" to move the needle at the financial giant.

  • Should the Government regulate companies like Facebook?

    NBC sat in on a focus group with some voters in Wisconsin who for the most part, when asked whether the government should regulate social media companies, didn't seem to care. Roger McNamee, an early Facebook and Google Investor, disagrees: "Pressure from the public really matters, because this is our Democracy at risk here. I don't think [voters] understand the scope of the problem," adding, "You want the government to make sure that companies have the incentive to do the right thing."

    NBC News
  • Oil Companies Look to Profit at the Pump

    Major oil companies are doubling down on gas stations, refineries and processing plants, betting on a once-unloved part of the energy business to shore up profits and expand their customer bases.

  • Price rises push companies to renewables

    Businesses are warming to renewable energy with some experiencing up to 90 per cent increases in their electricity bills over the last decade, new research...

    Mail Online
  • Inside a Russian company's election meddling

    A USA TODAY Network analysis of the company's Facebook ads:
  • Top executive out at medical marijuana company

    ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) - The chief executive of one of Minnesota's two medical marijuana manufacturers has left the company after years of financial...

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